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The Scribe is a monthly literary magazine produced by St. Louis Writers Guild. Only members of St. Louis Writers Guild may submit to the publication, but is available free of charge to all who wish to read it. Guest articles may be included from time to time which are not always penned by members, but these are requested by the editor. Each issue contains articles about SLWG events, writing and publishing topics, short stories, poems, and other literary themed pieces. The Scribe is sent directly to every member of St. Louis Writers Guild, and can also be viewed here on the website, or on Smashwords. Enjoy!
The Scribe 2015 
The Scribe 
St. Louis Writers Guild's Literary Magazine 
All the issues from 2015 together in one collection
Written by SLWG Members, contains articles about 
workshops, special SLWG events, poems, and more...

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The Scribe is a monthly publication from St. Louis Writers Guild
This page is currently under construction, please come back as we will be adding more and more issues. You can find all the issues on Smashwords. 
February 2017
Workshops for Writers: Van Allen Plexico 

Articles include workshop coverage, an original short story, and a message from our guild president.