Registration for the Gateway to Publishing
Conference & Convention

Writers Conference | Author Hall | Writers Retreat
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$200 until Oct 31, 2018


After October 31, 2018 Prices will go up!

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Writers Conference Registration Includes…

       > 1 In-person Pitch Session*

       > 1 Remote Pitch Session*

       > Access to all workshops, panels, and events at the writer’s

          conference – workshops and writers’ panels, First Page Reading,

          Ask the Expert, 5+5 Critique Group Workshop, Write Pack Radio

          Live, SLWG Author Series, the Gala Luncheon, and more...

       > Gala Luncheon on Saturday with Keynote Speaker

       > Invitation to all the Networking Events – Genre Talk,

       > For attendees with books, a limited number can be sold at the

          Book Fair by SLWG Volunteers. St. Louis Writers Guild takes no

          fee or percentage of each transaction, it is a benefit of attending

          the conference.

       > Plus, full Access to the Book Fair, book signings, and reader

          panels. Invitation to the Book Party, Documentary Film Premiere

          and Genre Talk Cocktail Party.

(*Note: extra pitch sessions will be offered to attendees. Editorial Consultations will be offered to those who have registered and preference will given to the order or registration. Attendees will be contacted by organizers for their choices.)


Pay for Registration in installments.

How to register:
     >Follow the Eventbrite link.
     >Select the Writers Conference Installment Registration (Cost is $50)
     >SLWG will prompt participants for 3 future payments of $50 each
                   for a total of $200
     >SLWG will prompt participants on Oct 31, Dec 31, and March 31

All payments must be made by May 31, 2019 to attend Gateway Con
For questions please contact

Author Hall Registration


Author Hall Rates


$100 Full Table Registration
$75 Extra Corner Table (limited number)
$75 Half-Table Registration

*Note there are a limited number of tables and they will go on a first come first serve basis. As many as three authors may share a full table. Half-Table authors will be placed with another half-table author by Gateway Con organizers.


 Author Hall Registration Includes...



    > With Full Table – Six-foot rectangular table and two chairs. Comes with tablecloth and skirt.

    > With a Corner Table – Two six-foot rectangular tables and three chairs

    > With Half-Table - half of a six foot rectangular table and one chair. Comes with tablecloth and skirt.

    > Name listed in the Program and on the website before the event

    > Sign up for a Reading Slot on Friday or Saturday Night

    > Full Access to the Book Fair, book signings, and reader panels. Plus, an invitation to the Book Party, Documentary Film Premiere and Genre Talk Cocktail Party.


Multiple workshops an hour.

These hour-long sessions will be on a variety of topics from improving your writing to navigating the publishing industry.

Get to know some of the other literary organizations in St. Louis. Several groups who are affiliated with St. Louis Writers Guild will be presenting workshops based on their areas of expertise. Plus, there is a panel with officers of those literary organizations.


These sessions are available only to conference attendees and are included in registration.

These hour-long sessions will feature multiple authors talking about a certain topic, these discussions will allow for more interaction and a greater variety of viewpoints on the subject.

Some of the Writer Panels held on Friday Saturday are repeated on Sunday.


These hour-long sessions are available only to conference attendees and are included in registration.

Have a completed manuscript or literary project? Pitch your work to the literary agents, publishers, and editors at the Gateway to Publishing Conference & Convention.


Registered attendees can sign up for two pitch sessions (as long as spots are available, and on a first- come, first-serve basis) at no additional cost, this is included in the price of the conference. If slots are available more pitch sessions will be offered to attendees.


In-Person Pitch Session – 7 minutes

Sit down across from an agent or publisher and pitch your book! Don’t worry Gateway Con has a Perfecting Your Pitch Workshop on Friday and Pitch Practice Sessions on Friday and Saturday.


Remote Pitch Sessions – 5 minutes

In order to bring in the maximum number of agents, publishers, and genres Gateway Con offers remote pitching sessions. In a private room, pitch your book via an online meeting software. It’s a pitch like any other just a little more distance between your face to face.


Attendees are encouraged to read over the bios of each faculty member and select the appropriate pitch session. If you do not get the one you wish, or if there are more than two that you wish we encourage you to contact them after the conference and mention that you were an attendee.

Ever have a question specific to some occupation or aspect of the industry? Gateway Con 2019 will feature several people from different occupations to answer questions and speak on important topics within their field.


There will be two panels, plus workshops. Questions can be submitted ahead of time, and will be anonymously asked during the event. Questions will also be taken during the events.


Experts at Gateway Con 2019

     Traditionally Published Authors

     Indie Published Authors


     Lawyer for copyright and IP (Intellectual Property)

     Police Officer

     Doctor or Nurse

     Martial Artist and Fighting Expert


These panels and sessions are available only to conference attendees and are included in registration.

These two-hour sessions allow for intensive instruction into a single topic. They are taught by industry professional and occur at two separate times, so check which day each is offered on.


Attendees are limited to 10-20 people.


Master Classes are an additional $50 per class.

Save $10 if you stay in the hotel!

Submit the first ten pages of your current manuscript before the conference and then have a 30-minute consultation with an editor at the event. A discussion of the work and the book as a whole.

There are a limited number of slots, and they will be offered to those who have already registered for the conference. Please indicate on your registration form if you are interested.


Manuscript Consultations are an additional $30

Payment will be arranged through SLWG, there is not an option in Eventbrite.

It was a staple of Writers in the Park and now it’s bigger and

coming to Gateway Con!


Genre Talk is a genre specific networking event. We'll divide the room into genres. Feel free to hang out with writers who write the same as you, or mingle between the groups and see where you fit best. Friendships and critique partners have formed from this event. Who knows what will happen when writers get together...


Plus, we'll have some food and drinks to enjoy during the event.

Read your work and get positive feedback from a small group of writers. Those who sign up will be put in groups of 5 people or less, they will read for 5 mins and then get feedback for 5 mins. This is an old SLWG tradition, that is both helpful and fun. There will be a couple of


Sign up at the registration desk at Gateway Con 2019

Get away to Gateway Con!


Don't need a writers' conference, and not selling any books? Come and relax in luxury at The Renaissance Hotel. Write in a quiet room with a few or join others and let the creative juices flow. Then drop down to the book fair for all the amazing literary events, and if you stay at the hotel... join us for lunch and other special offers.


Leave the distractions of modern day behind and spend a weekend writing and participating of the festivities!