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Books by St. Louis Writers Guild Members! 

Claire Applewhite 

The Doctor's Tale 
        Genre: Medical Thriller, Medical Romance,
        Literature and Fiction 
        Publisher: Smoking Gun Publishing LLC

Brad R. Cook 

Iron Horsemen 
       High Adventure in the Age of Industry 
       Book I of the Iron Chronicles 
       Y/A Steampunk ~ treehouse publishing group

Sir EJ Drury II

A Different Kind of Sentinel:
The Strange Case of 
The United States vs. FR Drury
          A psychological tale of one sailor’s struggle with 
          killing other human beings, that turns to the
          Unconscious for guidance toward the person 
          he is meant to be.
PJ Easterbrook

Papa, Where Are You? 
          Set in the 1920’s and based on a true story, 
          Betty and Julie live through six terrifying years 
          of their life and seek to understand their ordeal.

Jody Feldman 

The Gollywhopper Games: Friend or Foe
          This 3rd book in the award-winning Gollywhopper Games series pits players in a fast-paced competition of puzzles, stunts & major prizes.

T.W. Fendley 

The Labyrinth of Time
          Can Jade restore the Firestone's powers before 
          the First Men return to judge humanity?
          Y/A Science Fiction ~ Silent Partner Publishing 

Ryan P. Freeman


          Launch into an epic quest with consequences 

          farther reaching than Rien could ever 

          possibly imagine.

Cynthia A. Graham 

Beneath Still Waters

          Sometimes killing is a question of survival. 

          Sometimes it is a crime to be solved.

          St. Louis top ten bestseller, week of April 19, 2015

Beneath Still Waters 

Peter H Green 

Crimes of Design 
          A Patrick MacKenna Mystery 
          Mystery, Crime Drama 
M. M. Holaday 

The Open Road
          Two friends head west for adventure; events tie 
          their fates to a horsewoman and an Arapaho, 
          changing them all forever.

          Historical fiction, Frontier fiction - 

          Five Star Publishing, an imprint of Gale/Cengage 

Jennifer Lynn 

Being Here 
          Glimpse the world through the eyes of a 
          modern-day shaman. Bree MacLeod and her story 
          are waiting for you. 
          Mystical Fiction from Ravenswood Publishing

Jeffrey Penn May 

Where the River Splits

          Susan and her husband capsize in white water, 

          struggle to opposite sides of the river, lead vastly 

          different lives until finally converging again, 

          prevailing with redemption and strength.

Scott L. Miller

The Virtual Suicide Machine

          Third in a series thriller/suspense

          Mitch Adams must try to save his mentor--

          from himself--and delves into the worlds of

          corporate espionage, virtual reality,

          and kidnapping. 

Sheree K Nielsen 

Folly Beach Dances - The Infinite Rhythms 
of a South Carolina Seashore
          Folly Beach Dances combines Sheree and Russell 
          Nielsen’s love of a special beach in South Carolina, 
          expressed through photographs and words. It tells 
          the story of sandpipers, babies, dogs, and yes, even 
          structures dancing in infinite rhythm.

Ed Protzel

The Lies That Bind 
          A charlatan and group of slaves scheme to build
          an egalitarian plantation, threatening the region’s 
          dominant family and exposing secrets that could 
          doom them all.
          Publisher: TouchPoint Press

Leigh Savage 

Twisted Destinies: God and Goddess Erotic Tale
          Writing everyone else destiny, but never living 
          her own, Moerae decides to take matters into her 
          own hands. Alexander, a demigod living 
          obliviously on Earth, has always had women
          falling at his feet but he’s never loved 
          any of them. 

Jennifer Stolzer 

Dog Park 
          Based on the award winning short film 
          Kids Picture Book 
The Scribe 2017
The Scribe 
St. Louis Writers Guild's Literary Magazine 
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The Scribe 2015 
The Scribe 
St. Louis Writers Guild's Literary Magazine 
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The Scribe is a monthly publication from St. Louis Writers Guild
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St. Louis Reflections
          An Anthology to Celebrate the 90th Anniversary 
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          45 stories, poems, essays, and more, 

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